How we do it

It’s naughty naughty You already know It’s your boy Badshah Yeah I got a reach for the life That I’m living for I got a look to the sky When it’s gonna pour And no fear for the fight When you’re about to score and That’s the matter of a fact And That’s the matter […]

Good Life

Life is all about you and not at all about you Now, that’s two opposing thoughts and yet both of them are true How can you experience everything you choose to do While observing the experience you’re having from a higher view See, it’s the question, not the answer, that’s the higher view Otherwise, you […]

Why It is ??

My question if Islamic education can be taught in schools , colleges and universities and people of india including political parties have no issues and it’s ok if it is taught as education, than why if someone want’s Hinduism philosophy In it’s own origin of Hinduism India as birth place of Hinduism philosophy as a […]

Commercialization of ?? Education or Talent

Today we all college days friends had an google hangout conference ( how funny in today’s world we can not meet and seat somewhere together physically to recall our college days ) some of us made a point Is it enough in today’s world to have internship , industry experience with education to have positive […]

It’s not just …….

since childhood i was always been an introvert in the sense of expressing my feelings. It’s not easy for me to express how i feel or what i feel but i am open and not introvert when i do have my notebook , diary or blogs . If i need to express i do write […]

Cure your Obsession to west

Read it : India will be failed if you indians can not come out from west obsession one of my friend from Germany says something valuable and truth about us INDIANS he said : Indian’s are much obsessed and a very deep inferiority complex of Indians along with sense of validation from west . why […]