Funeral of MAN Rights in India

Lets start this way  Constitution of india says NO DISCRIMINATION ON THE BASIS OF CAST,  LANGUAGE, SEX OR RELIGION etc  But is it really????  Lets check about woman rights topic from constitution and INDIAN PENAL CODE  Ohh great so serious about woman rights..  Ok good one  Indian people thinks that rape, domestic violence are faced […]

My dreams

I was always addressed as non social.  Introvert and non emotional guy since my childhood..  Few days ago i told one of my friend that what kind of emotions i have  Yes i am a person of emotions with Controlled emotion amd emotional Intelligence . More on that i tried to elaborate which emotional emotions  […]

Feminist and women in india

I believe women are always at an advantage. For instance, there are reserved seats in buses. There are separate ticket counters for ladies. Some trains have ‘women-only’ coaches. In metros there may be complete trains only for the ladies.  I find this disgusting. I respect women but if they cannot keep their pace with men, […]


Are you also one of those 18 Million users using SARAHAH? You should beware of this app because the anonymous feedback application may not be as private as it really sounds. Sarahah is a newly launched app that has become one of the hottest iPhone and Android apps in the past couple of weeks, allowing […]


Can anybody hear me?Or am I talking to myself?My mind is running emptyIn the search for someone elseWho doesn’t look right through me.It’s all just static in my headCan anybody tell me why I’m lonely like a satellite?‘Cause tonight I’m feeling like an astronautSending SOS from this tiny boxAnd I lost all signal when I […]

Sorting out my own mind

Herr i have started to take a challenge  QUITE SOCIAL MEDIA 360 DAYS I am feeling much better in just few moments.  I am engaged in reading,  art, playing my instruments 🎸  , preparing foods etc..  And really so effective it is,  i am so happy now a days thats never happened ever before.  If […]