Success and childhood 

Very often i do think about this question  How childhood left an impact in our future achievements.  Yes it relies on observation and realization.  Being a child we used to be carefree about society norms and failures . Bring child we only focused what we like or love not what others like in us  So […]

Woman , Man , Rape , Media and India

I am here not to write a long article to support woman or man or media or whatever . I am here to mention few points to see some new picture . First of all people think that SEX and RAPE are same thing (most of people think this way) means if RAPE happens than […]

Questions of Life

Everybody wants What feels good. Everyone wants to live a carefree, happy and easy life, to fall in love and have amazing sex and relationships, to look perfect and make money and be popular and well-respected and admired and a total baller to the point that people part like the Red Sea when you walk […]

Love Pain and words

Usually my mind set is not for marriage type than again sometimes I do observe peoples reaction towards relationships specially the marriage What’s the difference in between a good married couple and others . As a man , I do try to look into this from a man point of view . Everywhere in this […]

They don’t need you when they are happy

They ask me am I okay, They ask me if I’m happyAre they asking me that because of the shit that’s been thrown at meOr am I just a little snappyAnd they genuinely careDoody, most of my life its just been me and you thereand I continuosly stare at pictures of youI never gotta say […]

Dazed and Confused

Got me feeling like, Look, girl you got me fadedLike I downed the whole bottleYeah, you walked in the roomLooking like a Victoria’s Secret modelThrow your number in my iPhoneAnd then let me take you homeI swear I think I fell in loveEither that or my drink’s too strongTook a walk on the clouds, fell […]

Compare to what

Love the lie and lie the love Hangin’ on, with a push and shove Possession is the motivationThat is hangin’ up the God-damn nationLooks like we always end up in a rut (everybody now!)Tryin’ to make it real – compared to what?Slaughterhouse is killin’ hogsTwisted children killin’ frogsPoor dumb rednecks rollin’ logsTired old ladies kissin’ dogsHate […]